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Fire Remediation

Bear Metal Surface Preparation proves to be a pivotal ally for restoration companies engaged in fire and mold remediation, offering specialized mobile abrasive services that provide efficiency and precision to the restoration process.  Our soda blasting and dry ice blasting services effectively removes soot and odors from affected areas providing a transformative impact on restoration projects.

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On-Site Efficiency and Flexibility

Bear Metal's mobile abrasive services bring the remediation process directly to the restoration site, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and flexibility for restoration companies. Our on-site capabilities can tackle restricted, confined spaces to elevated heights on suspended scaffolding. Restoration companies can leverage Bear Metal's agile  problem solving approach addressing fire and mold damage promptly and effectively across various project locations.

Soda Blasting

Soda blasting introduces an environmentally friendly and precise approach to fire remediation. Not only is soda blasting fantastic for heavy soot removal, but the process can also help provide deodorization of the material. After a fire, odors lie in the particles that settle over everything in the affected area. Soda blasting eliminates dirt, soot and the lingering smell by removing the odorous smoke particles trapped in a porous surface such as brick.

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Dry Ice Blasting

Our dry ice blasting service is an excellence option of restoration efforts through a non-abrasive approach. Dry ice blasting utilizes solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) pellets, which sublimate upon impact, leaving no secondary waste. Restoration companies can rely on Bear Metal's proficiency in dry ice blasting to achieve a meticulous and residue-free cleaning process, ensuring the integrity of the restored structures.

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