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Hours Of Operation and Locations

Customer Drop Off/Pick up of Smaller Items
Customer Drop Off/Pick up of Larger Items

Larger Items more than 200lbs and cannot fit in a standard pickup truck bed can be delivered to:

67 Fleetwood Lane Stafford VA 22405

Hours Of Operation:

Mon-Fri: 8am-8pm

Weekends: Appointment Only

Bear Metal's Concierge Services 


Customer Drop Off/Pick up

Hours Of Operation:

Tues-Sat: 8am-5pm

Holidays: Closed

Items can be delivered to:

16571 Bramblewood Ln Woodbridge Va 22191

***Please call or Text Ahead***

***Note***Larger items which cannot fit into a standard pickup truck bed or require a trailer for transportation are scheduled by appointment only.  Please inquire more for details.  

Bear Metal's Concierge Services 


Client Site Services

Free Pick-up/delivery within 10miles.


$20 Pick-up/delivery fee within 10miles-25miles.

Inquire more if further than 25 miles...we may be servicing an area near you.  

All Client Site Services are by appointment only, typically scheduled on Saturday.  

Inquire more if weekday projects are required.


Free Client Site Services  for projects $500 or more

$100 Client Site Service Fee for projects under $250


$50 Client Site Service Fee for projects under $500 

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